b'ICON COLLECTIONIcon Real Estate is a market-leading, innovative Companies are no longer determining their and tenant-focused real estate business that haschoice of space solely on the basis of cost and created more than 300,000 sq m of prime officegeneral guidelines on location. Instead, real estate real estate in the Benelux regions principal cities,has become a key tool for companies to attract including Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague andand retain the best talent possible. Salary and Brussels. Icon is one of the most active real estatebenefits are increasingly only some of the many companies focused on prime office assets in thecriteria people use when selecting an employer, Benelux region. while quality of life, environment and a sense of 44community are equally importantand in some 45 The concept of the complex has always been cases more so. As a result of their high-quality at the heart of Icons prime properties and itand the value they add to our tenants and their continues to reshape the way our tenants occupyemployees, Icon complexes have consistently our buildings. This goes against the old-fashionedattracted the highest quality tenants, and notion of people going into their office in theoutpaced the market in terms of rental levels.morning, walking past a sleepy security guard and staying most or all of the day confined to their office, before heading home. Instead, Icons vision is of a highly interactive ecosystem of mutually value-adding services and amenities, making the work experience more productive, enriching and fun. Indeed, the real estate function has increasingly come under the remit of human resources departments rather than facilities management teams.'