b'TECHNICAL INFORMATION1.0BUILDING DESCRIPTION 1.4NOISE CRITERIA 2.0 SHELL & CORE 3.3DUCTING & AIR CONDITIONING 3.5VENTILATIONBackground noise levels comply with theHeating and cooling induction units50 m3/hr per person minimum ventilation 1.1GRID permissible values as stated below: STRUCTURE & ENVELOPE are applied per faade pattern of 1.8 m.volumes based on one person per 10.5 sq m The floors of the Center Offices haveTemperature is controlled by thermostatof lettable floor area.flexible layouts with column grids of 3.6 m.Office spaces (up to two people) and2.1DESIGN LOADS per 3.6 m. Heating and cooling installation ATION M FOR L IN ICA TECHN BYLON EW BA Nmeeting rooms: 35 dB(A)Office spaces: average maximum floor load is connected to an underground hot-coldVENTILATION Partitioning is possible with a minimum room 4 KN/sq m (408 kg/sq m). storage system providing basic heat. During3/HRwidth of 3.6 m expandable in modules ofOffices spaces (two person or more): OFFICE: 50 MPER PERSON, BASED 1.8 m (perpendicular to the faade). 40 dB(A)Terraces: variable floor load of 2,45 KN/sq mpeak times it is supported by district heating.ON 1 PERSON PER 10,5 (250 kg/sq m). An air handling unit is installed on the roofSQ M OF LETTABLE 1.2FLOOR AND CEILING HEIGHTS Circulation areas, halls and corridors: of the building for ventilation. Outside air isFLOOR AREA45 dB(A)2.2GLAZING filtered, heated or cooled as required and, if The floor spaces contain a free height of46 2,700 mm. Construction tolerances andWCs: 45 dB(A)necessary, humidified. The air handling unit will3.6ELECTRICAL SERVICESThe faades are constructed with aluminiumbe provided with a heat recovery element. In47 existing structures might have a limited,Technical rooms: 75 dB(A)frames (60 mm width), with transparentthis, the energy (heat and moisture) present Built-in fluorescent lighting controlled by incidental impact on these heights. Figures are based on installations runningHR glass (solar gain factor SGF40%,in the exhaust air is transferred to the air to be presence detection applied per 3.6 m grid.1.3LIFT INSTALLATIONS at capacity under normal operations. light transmission factor LFT60%) andsupplied. Air is blown in through the ceiling enamelled glass panels. Where possibleAdditional lighting: induction unit and is transferred to the ceilingHorizontal traffic zones: control panel The Center Offices are equipped with five1.5EMERGENCY EXITS tilting windows are applied per 3.6 m. plenum via luminaires, where it is extracted passenger lifts located in two separate cores.Lift hall: control panel Offices comply with the Building Decreecentrally at the shaft. For the benefit of meetingToilets: presence detection in entrance areas Each lift is approved for a minimal nominalGLAZINGfunctions, a capped fresh air connection with load of 1,275 kg or 17 persons. The main2003 (New Construction). All installationsALUMINIUM FRAMESTechnical areas: local switcha capacity of 10% of the entire airflow of the landings are located at the first floor, theand emergency exists have been approved byWITH TRANSPARENTrelevant floor is provided near the core areas. Lighting levels per area: parking garage (-3-1) is accessible via thethe local fire authorities. Disabled emergencyHR GLASS Horizontal traffic areas: 100 lux central lift lobby. exits meet the Accessibility Handbook(Emergency) stairs: 150 lux Center Offices: design requirements. 3.0 FACILITIES HEATING AND COOLINGToilets and entrance areas: 200 lux Lift 1:Ground13th floor 1.6SUSTAINABILITY TEMPERATURE ISTechnical areas: 200 lux Lift 2:Ground12th floor 3.1FLOOR FINISHES CONTROLLED BYOffices: 500 luxLift 3:2nd9th floor Offices have Energy Label A certification andOffice floors are finished with a user-resistantTHERMOSTAT PER 3.6Mst conform to the Dutch Energy Performance ofEnergy consumption is recorded per Main landings1floor Buildings regulations. The complex is currentlyanhydrite screed. Building entrances and WCsfloor through a sub distribution panel.3 PASSENGER LIFTalso under going a BREEAM In-Use certificationare finished with natural stone tiles. The WCs3.4INTERNAL HEAT LOAD1,600 KG and is targeting a rating of very good. are fitted with an artificial stone sill under theThe center floor loads are calculated19 PERSONS entrance door. as follows:3.2SUSPENDED CEILINGS Per sq m / usable floor area:ENERGY LABEL A Office floor ceilings have a bandraster systemLighting: 10 W/sq m perpendicular to the faade based on aPersons: 8 W/sq m (9 sq m per person) grid of 1.8 m and equipped with removableEquipment: 20 W/sq mwhite fibre tiles (1,800 x 600 mm). Ceilings are completely flat and equipped with10% of the area can be used aslight fittings, induction units, fire detectorsmeeting room.and speakers.'