b'AN INCREDIBLE ECOSYSTEMOF TENANTS, USERS, SERVICES AND AMENITIES RESIDENTIAL G THE BUILDIN BYLON EW BA NNEW BABYLON HAS BECOME A MULTI-FUNCTIONAL COMPLEX OFFICEBRINGING TOGETHER OFFICES AND AMENITIES, A HOTEL AND HOTELA RESIDENTIAL COMPONENT INTO ONE HARMONIOUS WHOLE.GROUND FLOOR 8 AMENITIES9Anchored on The Hagues skyline by its two impressive residential towers, New Babylon combines a multitude of services under one roof. The extensive office space is enhancedby a range of facilities including the four-star modern city hotel, Babylon Hotel Den Haag,a state-of-the-art gym, cafs, restaurant and a number of retailers all within the samemulti-functional building.Redeveloped in 2012 and renovated in 2018/19, the buildings interior is designed with impressive, elegant finishes. Clad in wood and with plenty of open spaces, break-out areas andnatural light, visitors to New Babylon will naturally gravitate to the areas they seek, be theythe first floor reception area for business, or the ground floor for food and beverage andretail options.COST SAVINGS AND VALUE ENHANCEMENTNew Babylons refurbishment enables the iconic building to provide the best and highestquality office space for top tier, blue-chip professional tenants with multiple,high-end servicesand amenities available within the complex. The contemporary business services facilities cater to all; from individuals requiring ITC THE HAGUE CENTRAL services, to companies requiring boardroom facilities or conferencing for 650 people, STATIONit is all available onsite here. Designed with flexibility and best-in-class services in mind,New Babylons onsite facilities have become an essential extension to existing tenantsown office spaces. ANNA VAN BUERENPLEINPR. IRENESTRAAT'