b'UTRECHT 15BEZUIDENHOUTSEWEGMALIEVELD SEB16 AANKONINGSKADE 9AN 11 ERGIA STOLBIANA VAN2 JULA REINVIGORATED, THE HAGUE 12 10WORLD-CLASS LOCATION 3 7 8 CENTRAL STATION UTRECHTSEB4 AA1 NSCHENKKADE13HA T LEK6 5RDVIADUC STR14 AATERNRINS B A ENP H VITIETHE HAGUE IS HOME TO A VIBRANT MIX OF DIFFERENT OCCUPIERS. MUNAM NKVIADUCTTHE LOCATIONSCHEThe Hague attracts a diverse range of occupiers from many different sectors including energy, security and education. Major multi-national professional services companies 40 such as Deloitte and PWC are located a short distance away from New Babylon, as are 41 theheadquarters of companies such as Siemens, McDermott and Nationale Nederlanden, BYLON EW BA Ninaddition to the Ministries of Internal Affairs, Foreign Affairs and Finance. From 2021, the housesof parliament will be located directly next door to the building. The compelling mix of occupiers within the immediate surroundings of New Babylon is onlyenhanced by those within the building, including Pels Rijcken (one of the Netherlands toplaw and notarial firms), TNO, NLO and Deerns. GOVERNMENT & JUDICIAL1 MINISTRY OF FOREIGN 5 MINISTRY OF THE INTERIOR9 MINISTRY OF ECONOMIC13 BINNENHOFAFFAIRS AND KINGDOM RELATIONS AFFAIRS2 MINISTRY OF FINANCE 6 MINISTRY OF SECURITY 10 NETHERLANDS ENTERPRISE14 MUNICIPALITY OFAND JUSTICE AGENCY (RVO) THE HAGUE3 MINISTRY OF HEALTH,7 MINISTRY OF EDUCATION,11 PARLIAMENT 15 INTERNATIONAL WELLBEING AND SPORTCULTURE AND SCIENCE (ANTICIPATED 2021) CRIMINAL COURT4 MINISTRY OF SOCIAL AFFAIRS 8 MINISTRY OF INFRASTRUCTURE12 COURT OF THE HAGUE 16 INTERNATIONAL COURTS AND EMPLOYMENT AND ENVIRONMENT OF JUSTICE'