b'THE OFFICESEXCEPTIONAL QUALITY GRADE A OFFICE IN AN URBAN ENVIRONMENT WITH SOME OF THE HAGUES LARGEST G THE BUILDIN BYLON EW BA NAVAILABLE FLOOR PLATES.New Babylons office spaces are divided into two separate areas; City Offices and Center 22 Offices. The characteristics unique to each allow for greater flexibility for both larger and 23 smaller occupier demands.The two main entrances on Anna Van Buerenplein and Koningin Julianaplein provide access to the first floor reception area which in turn provides access to both the City Offices and Center Offices. Upgraded to Grade A standards, the office space can be configured to accommodate tenants requiring ca. 500 sq m on the upper floors of the Center Offices to those requiring up to ca. 2,500 sq m. Floors can be further combined viainternal staircases to create much largerspaces to give unparalleled flexibility.'