b'A BUSTLING CITY CENTER A NATURAL MEETING PLACE FOR RESIDENTS, BUSINESS PEOPLE, POLITICIANS, DIPLOMATS, STUDENTS, NASSAUBUURT TRAVELERS AND CULTURAL VISITORS.New Babylon sits within The Hagues bustling city center and offers tenants access to a great variety of amenities andservices at any time of the day.TRAM TOBEATRIXKWARTIER New Babylons great location overlooks and offers direct (5 MINS) access to the Malieveld, a park area protected by an order signed by Willem of Orange himself in 1576 and where artists BEZUIDENHOUT such as Bruce Springsteen, The Rolling Stones and Coldplay DUTCHhave all recently held concerts. HOTEL MALIEVELD MALIEVELD RESTAURANT PARLIAMENT THERESIASTRAATDES INDES PAVILLION HUISKAMER (BY 2020) 8+ F&B A few minutes walk away, the nearby Bezuidenhout has U RETAILERS become an increasingly fashionable area with an array of KO TR shops and boutiques located on Theresiastraat with trendy NIN EC cafs and restaurants such as Madame Moustache and THERESIASTRAATGSK BABYLON HOTEL HT Tabasco drawing in visitors from afar.AD THE HAGUE SEENEW BABYLON BAA In 2021, just a short distance away from New Babylon,5+ F&B Na new education and cultural complex will open called RETAILERSSpuikwartier. The four biggest cultural institutions in8,500 SPACEQ-PARK ROYAL The Hague will all be housed there ensuring SpuikwartierLA PLACE BIKE PARK DUTCH becomes the cultural heart of The Hague.THE LOCATION BYLON EW BA NQ-PARK (2020) LIBRARY ROYAL LIBRARYQ-PARK & CHILDRENSBOOKS MUSEUMTHE ROYAL STARBUCKS MINGLE38 ACADEMY COFFEE THE HAGUE MUSHOF ART CENTRAL STATION39LITERARY AN MUSEUM GIAHET Q-PARK CENTRAL STATION BERKABINET 10+ F&B RETAILERS TOLAN SNATIONALVDUDOK NATURFMARKT ARCHIVES ULIA10+ F&B RETAILERS JRKT MATURFCENTRUM LUDENPLEIN LEBKOV & SONSRESTAURANT HOFHOUSE UDE BASILIEK LEIDEN TRUNIVERSITY ECHTS5 MIN ALKUTES W EBAR ADUCTQ-PARK HOUSE OF ATRIBES CAF NBE NHARDVI SCHENKKADEBURRATARINSLEKP VEN STHA RAITIE A TMUNAMTRAM TO SCHENKVIADUCT CITY CENTER LAAN VAN NOIPATH CHINA TOWN SPUIKWARTIER (BY 2021) CINEMA (5 MINS) INTERNATIONAL THE HAGUE HSEDUCATIONAND CULTURECLUSTER (OCC)'